After losing a living being very close to me, there were days when I observed the coming and going of shooting stars, sympathizing with their plight, and appreciating both the present and the transient. On earth and in the wider universe, substances will gather and disperse again, an action that will similarly be repeated elsewhere, both in the micro and macro world. We are not able to see this, but are able to feel the eternity of it. The works in the "Genesis" series could be seen as having been created from the vantage point of looking down at the world, or as landscapes of the universe itself. The paintings can be viewed either way.

Transformation 91.3x117cm
Genesis 200x83cm x4 Transformation 91.6x73.5cm

Layer of the Earth at M 40.9x27.3cm

The cosmic stage 54x65cm
Under the tree 116.9x92.4cm Red Genesis 190x190cm

In flowers you can see the source of the creation of the world. The colors, figures, scents, change of growth, diversity of species, and everything is an endless and charming mystery. Above all, I feel that the phenomenon of pollen scattering from the stamen, creating a bridge to the next growth is the source of my formative mind. I am awed by the nature, where pollen takes a magnificent journey in order to leave its species. In the Genesis series, I have painted meteorite and dust given off by the sun and scattered in the universe. Compared to that kind of global macro cosmos, the world of flowers on earth could be called a micro cosmos. These series are about the mystery of creation and wonder of nature. They are the universe of the mind made visible through my senses and creativity.

Wonderflower 194x112cm

Flower Island -Orchid

Flower Island -Hibiscus
No.29 Lily 80.3Ā~100cm

Glory Lilies

Hibiscuses 33.3x45.5cm

I have visited various places in Tohoku region and continued to make sketches. On the islands of Matsushima, I can see my favorite “earth layers” under the pine trees. The exposed colors of the layers are the evidence of a long history, and it deeply touches my heart. Matsushima endured the harsh history of time and remained. This gives much emotional support to the people of Tohoku and myself. We should not forget that we are living our daily lives above this layer of earth.

Drifting Fish 21.1x60.4cm

Fantasy of the fish 40.9x31.8cm

Dancing fishes 24.3x33.4cm

I have painted various fish symbolically by using foil, and have incorporated blending gilded shining negative space as in the Rimpa style together with the fish drawings. The contrast and combination of the foil and the refined designs and patterns in the drawings have at their heart a sense of playfulness that is evident in work of the Rimpa style. By deforming and abstracting the patterns in the drawings, I am able to give the impression of the fish being underwater, swimming in a fantasy of light.

Mountains and Islands 72.7x60.6cm

Islands and Mountains 45.5x53cm

Islands and Mountains 33.3x45.5cm

Mountains and Islands 31.8x40.9cm

1964Born in Tokyo.
1990M.F.A., Japanese painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1992-99Studied at Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf, Germany under Prof.Michael Buthe and A.R.Penck (97 Acquired Meisterschueler of A.R.Penck)
1994-96Studied in Germany under the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists.
2005Professor. in Tohoku University of Art & Design.

Selected exhibitions
1990Galeria Yoshii, Tokyo
1991Ginza Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo (96)
1994VOCA Ueno royal Museum, Tokyo (98)
1995Suzuki Art Gallery, Tokyo (96, 98, 2000), Exhibition NRW Duesseldorf,Kunst Palast Germany
1999Gallery Rolinck, Steinfurut, Germany (06), DOMANI Sonpo Japan Museum Tokyo
2000Gallery Plan.d.,Dusseldorf (03)
2001Toho Art Gallery, Tokyo (04, 06, 09)
2002Roter Reiter Seidelvilla, Munch
2003EUROGA Orangerie Schloss Benrath Duesseldorf
2007Baggage Limit Oulim Art Gallery, Korea
2009Shanghai Art Fair, China
2011Liquidmoon Geumcheon Seoul Art space, Korea
2013Seijou Sakurasaku Gallery, Tokyo
Many exhibitions in Japan, Korea, Germany etc.

Selected awards
1986Ataka award, Japan
1987Takifuji Fine Art award, Japan
1989Grand Prize at The 7th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition, Tokyo
ighest Honors Award at The Art Exhibition of Kanagawa, Japan
1990Commendable Prize at The Suga Takehiko triennial Art Award Exhibition of Kurayoshi Museum, Tottori, Japan (93)
2001First Prize at The Engelbert Kaempfer International Contest, Germany
2008The Kawakita Michiaki Prize at The 2008 Ryoyono-Me Exhibition, Japan