Takayoshi Sakurai was born in 1944. After graduating from Nihon University College of Art, he moved to the foot of Mount Fuji, considered the heart and soul of Japan. His painting process continues to be inspired by the ability to look up at the mountain every day. The artist's distinct sense of color and energetic and dynamic application of the medium capture the hearts of the viewers, but also contain an element of surprise. Sakurai chooses easily accessible motifs in his work, and as a result, attracts the attention and interest of many. The unique qualities of his images create a lasting impression.

Mt.Fuji,Shining 72.7x60.6cm

Mt.Fuji,Respect 22.0x27.3cm
Graceful 72.2x60.6cm

Mt.Fuji,Pleasure 45.5x38.0cm

Graceful 53.0x45.5cm

Toshiaki Suenaga, exhibited at Art Stage Singapore 2016 where he gained recognition. He was born in 1964 and studied Japanese painting (Nihonga) at Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduation, he studied at Dusseldorf Art Academy. While Suenaga's work is based in both Japanese and European sensibilities, he is committed to using colors unique to Japan. He applies mineral pigment made for Japanese paintings, acrylic paint, and metal foil such as gold leaf on paper or cotton fabric. The rich hue and decorative expression in his work suggest an influence of the Rinpa School aesthetic. Recently, his unique style of painting is gaining popularity in Japan.

Fantasy of the fish 33.3x45.5cm

Fantasy of the fish 33.3x53.0cm

Fantasy of the fish 45.6x27.4cm

Moon Cradle 24.3x35.0cm

Mountains and Islands@22.1x27.4cm

Hideo Nakamura was born in 1977. He studied at Tokyo University of the Arts, and acquired a particularly Japanese aesthetic sensibility as well as solid and traditional Nihonga painting techniques through copying the illustrations from the classic example of Japanese Painting, the twelfth-century hand scroll of The Tale of Genji. Nakamura employs gold and silver leaf as well as metal foils of different colors on painting surfaces, which render color and give presence to his work. His delicate and diligent brush strokes result in creating a soft atmosphere. Nakamura's work is increasingly receiving the attention of art-lovers.

Moon Cradle 53x53cm
Bird of Scarlet Red 45.5x65.2cm Window of Tune 45.5x60.6cm

Moon Cradle 24.3x35.0cm

Gift of Red 19.0x27.3cm